A GENSA – GENERAL SERVIÇOS AÉREOS LTDA., was born in December 13,1996, with your office in São Paulo (SP) at 538 Funchal Street, 7th. floor – Vila Olímpia, and operational base at Congonhas Airport.
Gensa start flight operations in March/1997 – using an Embraer EMB 110 P1 Bandeirante, PT-SOG, only for executive chart flights and travel agencies charter.
In May 07, 1997 Gensa goes to Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul) – at International Airport of Campo Grande - Hangar Pantanal.

Expanding the operations Gensa got the control about flights from Pantanal Ailines, making airline operation between Campo Grande - Dourados - Ponta Porã and Campo Grande. Using Bandeirante aircraft model with a new flight logistic, Gensa starts a newest flight plan at Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), transporting passangers and cargo for FIAT Brasil from Betim (MG) about eighteen moths. Operations stops at December 31/1999.

October/1999 Gensa starts commercial flights, getting a new step at the sucess way. A new costumer has been arravied: Petrobras from Manaus (AM). The contract has stablished fight operations for passangers and cargo between Manaus and Porto Urucu (Amazonic Petroil Zone).
Contract ends in December 2000. Gensa stops operations for aircraft checks in January 2001. (turboprop / helices / gears and check "C").

Replaning and making a new business plan, the new diretors from Gensa, Mr Luswagner and Mr Adalgino, has been started a new time to the company. An ambicious and sucefully plan has been concepted: "Middle Wester Project" fligh plan operation.
New diretory changed the company matrix to Campo Grande and finish office operation in São Paulo.
In face of that new reality and based in new business numbers, from Campo Grande International airport, executive from Gensa got a real envolvment with "Middle West Projet".

Gensa was real born at this way: Flying to Corumbá and Rondonópolis. Two big cities from Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso state. Those cities have excepcional commercial number and doesn´t have flight operations.
Looking to the sucess of those operations, Gensa got a new aircraft. Another Embraer EMB 110 P1 has come to company fleet at July 2003.(PT-SHN)
Company objetives is provide new cities flight in Sinop and Matupá (Mato Grosso state), with stops in Tangará da Serra.

Today Gensa operates only chater and cargo flights. Company has looking new opportunity with this operations. In face with the high number of little companies flying on the Gensa route, company decides stop passangers regular operations and starts charter and cargo flights only. Sucefully again.
Gensa is growing, and avaible to be your new choice of flight operations.

Come to Gensa!

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