Gensa skills include an excellent aircraft attendance and handling services.
If your company needs an stop to re-fuel, catering, floor services, cleaning and small repairs, Gensa can be provide all as you need.

Own hangar counts with a VIP Lounge, with all structure for recharge your energy, rest a little and internet connection (adsl).

You can count with Gensa for those services.

Av. Duque de Caxias s/n - Hangar Gensa - Aeroporto Internacional de Campo Grande - 79100-400  Campo Grande, MS
Tel. (67) 2106-7200 PABX / Fax. (67) 2106-7230 / Coord. Vôos: (67) 2107.7207 / H24 (67) 996271-4122 (celular)
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